La Crema Bar - Since 1993 English-Español-Français

Who we are

LA CREMA BAR, is a “THEME” Bar founded in 1993 during the Spring Equinox. by the Burgos family in a bamboo doored cabana. Mario the musician (Now in GATO GORDO Restaurant San Cristobal de Las Casas). Elvia the clothing designer & Eduardo the repatriated traveler .

LA CREMA was born with a spirit based on rock and full of subliminal messages that trap you between nostalgia and vanguardia. LA CREMA is great for toddlers to senior citizens and everyone in between.

LA CREMA is featured in several popular guide books:

ROUGH GUIDE: The popular "CREMA" is a good place to see a cross section of the people that live here.

LET'S GO MEXICO: LA CREMA features wicker chairs, a large mixed crowd, loud Mexican and American music and Kitsh. Beer 20 pesos.

LONELY PLANET: An upstairs bar entered from Gardenia, pulls a cool crowd, a shot of tequila starts at $2.00 Pizzas are available.

LE ROUTARD Mexique: Sur la plaza de La Crucecita. Au 1er étage. Fréquenté par les jeunes du coin. Grand bar bourré de jolis fauteuils ronds et de tables basses. Lumière tamisée. Déco très hétéroclite. Très bonne musique rock, reggae et groupes nationaux. Et bien sûr, une ribambelle alléchante de cocktails. Sympa et souvent remuant en soirée.

TRAVEL GUIDE MEXICO: Until recently, the most action you were likely to see after sunset was the sand cribs skittering on the beach, but that has changed-a little. LA CREMA is the happening bar in town.

After 16 years in Huatulco, it can be said that:


LA CREMA BAR - Corner of Gardenia and Guanacastle streets, La Crucecita, Bahias de Huatulco.